The Best Graphic Designers in Wenatchee

Wenatchee is home to a number of talented graphic designers. I’ve had the good fortune of working with many of them. Here’s my list of some of the best.

Aaron & Elena Payne

Logo design and studio photography work Awdience did for local winery Crayelle Cellars.

A dynamic husband and wife duo, Aaron and Elena run Awdience, a small graphic design shop that specializes in logo development, website design and print design. They also do letterpress work and studio photography. Aaron is the web designer and photographer, and Elena does most of the print design work (she specializes in designing beautiful packaging for fruit companies). After collaborating with them on a couple projects, I found them to be very talented and especially prompt and professional.

Lars Ringsrud

Packaging design Lars did for local coffee shop and roaster Cafe Mela.

If you’re looking for clean lines and that “sharp” look, reach out to Lars. He runs his own shop, Ringsrud Creative, here in Wenatchee. In a former life, Lars worked as a designer for a ski company. He now specializes in  industrial design, branding, packaging, UI and product development. He recently redesigned the Wenatchee Visitors Guide.  In the times we’ve worked together, I’ve found Lars especially good at taking complicated ideas and turning them into clear, compelling and visually striking pieces.

Robert Lewis

Robert’s program design work for the Wenatchee Valley Rams.

One half of another local husband-and-wife team, Robert and his wife Mary run R Digital Design. Robert is a digital artist and print-design expert, and I’ve worked with him on everything from businesses cards and trail maps to magazine advertisements and stickers. I’ve found his turnaround times and attention to detail to be exceptional. If you have a print need, he’s very good at walking you through the whole process from concept to completion.

Carl Patterson

Carl’s menu design for the River Room Spa at Campbell’s Resort in Chelan.

When it comes to design, Carl can tackle just about any project. A former creative director and business owner, Carl now runs Carl Patterson Designs, where he specializes in… anything that needs a designer’s touch. I haven’t yet worked with Carl, but I’ve only heard good things.

Brad Fitzgerald

Brad’s logo design for local production company Square Productions.

A website design specialist, Brad runs Apt Design. I haven’t had the chance to work with Brad, but, again, I have only heard very good things. Brad has a specific expertise in designing websites for authors.

Nick Winters

Logo and window cling design work Nick did for local businesses MKC photography.

Nick is the web and graphic design specialist for Wenatchee Valley College, but he also runs freelance design studio Pixel to Press. Nick and I have worked together a few times, and he’s very talented, knowledgeable and professional. I consider him one of the area’s “up and coming designers”.

Nathan Getzin

Nathan is another talented “up and comer” in the area. A creative specialist with North 40 Productions, Nathan also takes on freelance projects at Nathan Getzin Design.