About Me

I’m a Wenatchee based marketing consultant, website designer/developer and brand strategist. I’m also father to Oscar and Abe, husband of Gretchen, lover of sweet treats and neighbors, and a long-suffering follower of the Seattle Mariners. I have a penchant for people and a heart for the Lord, and I take pride in telling stories, building campaigns and using technologies that help businesses, organizations and nonprofits communicate and grow.

Skill Set

Project & Art Direction
PR & Media Relations
Writing & Editing


Education: A Bachelor’s in Journalism/Public Relations, a Master’s in International Relations and a Grand Master’s in Chess (or something like that…) from my Russian roommate in college.

Experience: I have worked as a reporter for a business journal, an editor at a couple of newspapers, a website guru at a university and as the marketing & sales director at Mission Ridge. I also checked groceries in college. Fastest checker in the West, I was…

The Lindstroms

  • Jordan Lindstrom sitting in a coffee shop
  • Gretchen Lindstrom in the passenger seat
  • A black poodle playing in the snow
  • Little boy with hat and jacket on putting hand out
  • A pumpkin carved with a winking face
  • Abraham Lindstrom newborn baby sidways lay

Facts & Figures

  • I am a dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada.
  • I married a Coug, but go Huskies!
  • I love any sport with a ball (especially football, soccer and tennis). Golf is not a sport.
  • My dad is a firefighter. My mom is a nurse. My sister is a doctor. I fell far from the tree…