Quick Tips for Launching a Successful Online Store

Selling something online. Sounds easy, right? In many ways it is, and in many others the path on eCommerce success can be fraught with potholes. If you’re considering starting your own online store, consider these quick tips for building a successful eCommerce site. #1: Find your niche The biggest mistake most businesses make when venturing online is spreading themselves too thin. … Read More

So you need a new logo… start here

Do you need a new logo for your business or organization? I recently published an article in the Wenatchee Business World explaining your options when it comes to developing a new logo. Where you start really depends on your budget and timeline.

4 Key Starting Points for Online Marketing

What should your business focus on first when it comes to online marketing? It starts with getting mobile optimized, installing analytics, improving you visual presence, and focusing on reviews.  Here’s an excerpt from the full article, which recently ran in the Wenatchee Business World. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you “should be doing” online … Read More